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Raise the curtain once more on a very special orchestral performance. How could Highgrade Records better celebrate its 100th release than with twelve tracks from the Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra? The creative combo featuring both label bosses Tom Clark and Todd Bodine. alongside Philip Bader. Daniel Dreier and Dale. began over a year ago with the intention of celebrating the tenth birthday of the Berlin label. And the resulting gift: A musical experiment. The five artists have bundled their creativity together into a symphony unparalleled in the techno scene. Every performance is like a jam session: All five laptops are interconnected. so each of the artists has the opportunity to react to the others and modify each track as desired. Thus. new arrangements are created and constantly re-interpreted. Drum machines and synthesizers are also in play. to further stretch the improvisational possibilities. No wonder then. that the 100th release follows in this creative vein. The Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra. with Multilayer. kiddnaps us away into vastly different musical worlds: from deep influences and custom recorded vocals to an array of technoid sounds and effects. Then back to groovy. swinging beats reminiscent of a balmy summer evening on the beach. Therefore the record is something of a rollercoaster ride. where we never know what might be waiting behind the next curve. Typically Highgrade
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