Hercules & Love Affair - BLUE SONGS

Hercules & Love Affair
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Hercules and Love Affair – the name itself combines images of strength and vulnerability. masculinity and femininity. as well as a classic disco troupe. Their music on their self-titled album debut followed suit. Strident beats but sweetness at the core. Music with a plan of attack but an identity as fluid as that of its creators. A gloriously burnished fusion of three decades of dance. from disco to house. acid to synth-pop. Derrick May to Giorgio Moroder (and lets not forget Yazoo). but sounding like no other dance record before – or since. And now theyve gone and done it again. The troupes second album Blue Songs represents the best that dance music can get – still bursting with freshness while in touch with its roots. As mainman Andy Butler says. >Its a softer record in some ways. and at other moments a more aggressive record too.< The album also reveals more about his world and his songwriting. resulting in a more honest. and yet more universal. record
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