Helly Larson / Cassique / Marc Cotterell - BERLIN - DORTMUND - ALBUQUERQUE EP

Helly Larson / Cassique / Marc Cotterell
12" Vinyl D
FM-Musik / fmd17

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

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Three Cities. three Artists. three Definitions of modern Deephousemusic. FM delivers a great Journey for all Deephouse Lovers out there. Helly Larson are known for his awesome releases on Labels like Plastic City. Acryl. Shayan Music. Lucidflow and many more. Here he comes with a truly deep-tech Monster. Cassique still run his own Net-label Supafeed. His percussive hypnotic Track >Deepware< offers a catchy vocal lines to let the crowd moving. Marc Cotterell still have released on Soul Industries. Peng. Deep Pressure Music. UM Records and more. He bring us a sweet and soulful Track with an incredible Sax Line. played by Jonny Vasquez.

This Release is still played and supported by well know DJ's and Radiostations worldwide like:
Robert Owens: “cool tracks”,
Deepgroove: “and again a new bomb. Like a good Espresso in the morning”,
Vincent Inc: “Will play Marc Cotterell for sure”,
Moody Manc: “strong stuff!!! “,
Deephope: “Amazed! I love the 3 tracks, very good sound quality and very deep!”,
and many many more …
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