George P. - START / STOP

George P.


12" Vinyl D

Enough! Music / Enough007

Front View : George P. - START / STOP (VINYL ONLY) - Enough! Music / Enough007
Back View : George P. - START / STOP (VINYL ONLY) - Enough! Music / Enough007

Support by Juan Atkins, Brothers Vibe, Valnetino Kanzyani, Ray Okpara, Guy J, Andre Galuzzi, Phil Kieran, Chris Lattner, Rampa, Nekes, Federico Molinari, Fimo, Patrick Bateman, Mathias Schaffhaeuser and many more! Enough! Music is back with its newest EP package made from three Berlin based artists who bring their own unique sound and styles, a stong statement that these three rising talents are certainly ones to watch closely over this coming year. First we must speak about the two originals provided by George P., aptly named and , each track carries the signature drive and syncopation typical in any George P. track. is a hypnotic and smooth tech driver, pushing forward with intense percussion rhythms, haunting synth lines and intense pads in support, this has all the hallmarks of any classic Detroit cut only with more panache. continues in the same vain with a raw and jacking tech mix, the intensity growing as the track evolves, a driving stab and tom bass establish a funkiness that becomes infectious and certainly a big dance floor number. The first remix comes from label boss Danilo Schneider who is of Start brings on a solid deep groove perfect for the early hours, yet doesn t loose any of the intensity of the original, this is Danilo at his very best and most definitely one killer deep ass shaker here!Last but not least is the second remix is by Edgar Jack who is version of (aptly named ) manages to capture all the rawness and colour of the original as a funky, jacking mix with deep dubby basses and a nasty swing groove that will knock your hip out…yes, you ve been warned.Enough! Music delivers once again with a very strong and promising EP that will certainly please the dance floor and rumble those speakers from side to side, these three gents from Berlin have delivered four powerful and unique cuts that you know you can just simply sink your teeth into.

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