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Full length album by GB on his own label. We love what this guy is doing anc on his new album he finds more depth within his signature sound. Recommended!
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It's hard to believe that with an output as prolific as that of Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, Within These Machines is only is second widely distributed full-length release in his more than 10 year career. Having released critically-acclaimed projects as The Abstract Eye, The Reflektor, Julian Abelar and of course his best known guise GB, he returns again with what is perhaps his most ambitious project to date. GB's Within These Machines is a song set themed around the various applications of his primarily analog electronic instruments. Working in concert and synchronized via MIDI and triggering mechanisms, the machines act as the performers themselves with Gabriel serving as engineer, conductor, composer and producer, guiding the machines in their performance. All pieces were recorded live and in one take. Within These Machines encompasses not only GB's stylistic versatility and technical prowess but also the capabilities of vintage electronic musical instruments that in many cases had not yet been explored. GB visits and expands upon many subgenres of the wide world of electronic music while not quite stepping fully into any categorizable box. Yet the album moves with a consistency and theme that illustrates the unique character of all of Gabriel's music.
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Full Tracklist:

1. Within These Machines
2. My Five Year Mastered
3. Sol
4. The Gospel
5. The Road Ahead
6. Rain Dance
7. Tesla's Notebook
8. Still Standing
9. Untrustitled
10. Truth Rising
11. Between Matter And Spirit
12. Made It Through
13. The Winds Have Passed
14. Made It Through Part 2 (Bonus)
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