El Mariachi
12" Vinyl D
Cassiopeia Audio / cas001

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
Distant Places EP – first sound message from a galaxy Cassiopeia. It comes to worldwide dancefloors and penetrates your minds and body. Do not try to resist. just dance to the beat ... beat of black gold.

Cassiopeia Audio – intergalactic sound system. Our mission is to support futuristic disco & techno music on vinyl.
Label started in 2013 by Ukrainian DJ & producer El Mariachi.
Our first record it is 4-track space techno from label boss. A side contains 2 original tracks: “Orion” and “Andromeda” are filled with cosmic sounds and melancholic melodies Side B begins with the “Kraftwerk-style” track “Another place, another time”. This track is a combination of deep sequences, vocoders and computer grooves. The EP ends with the track “Synthphony” – dark melodic “no beat” sequence, great for start / end your mixes.
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