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Petros (aka Echonomist) understood that Apparel Music is always looking for the jazzy. We perceive this term as a really special thing. strictly human. true. And then if the real instruments come in. like voices or saxophones. the plate is ready. >Thats it< starts far away. with a solo that blends and presents the entire ep something more than one minute. Everything flows. stops. gets consumed. digs. >Midnight talk< brings us in the most hyper deep. unusual like the style of the artist is. An overview of evolutions that lead us to the awareness that Petros is in our day. between things that go fast and others that slow down to be observed. The law of nature brings us to Ali Kuru remix (we move a little bit to the right from Greece to Turkey). Habits. perceptions and tastes change. Ali takes us on a mental journey. long. meditated. tidy. A motif that turns over and over. while things change all around. everything evolves. disclosing new sonar places. There is not much to say. >Midnight talk< is a complete EP. wanted. constructed with care and a lot of work.
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