DSCRD. Vadim Griboedov. Rasmus Hedlund. Echologist - X EP

DSCRD. Vadim Griboedov. Rasmus Hedlund. Echologist
12" Vinyl NL
Subself LTD / SSBLCK001

Image of the Record Front Side
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The first vinyl release by Ukrainian label Subself presents the compilation including both label residents and new artists. X EP includes four tracks made exclusively for this release.

It starts with DSCRD's track which perfectly blends experimentalism and techno traditions into nine-minutes-trip gets with a peak by acid bass and distorted modular chords. Vadim Griboedov continues journey with off-beat techno construction balancing on the border of minimalism and nihilism.

On the flipside Rasmus Hedlund present dubby side of Subself with his slowburning Extorter decorated with delays and glithes. The last but not least track of X EP belongs to Echologist, man which production always surpising and visionary. Explorer is not exception - it's mesmerise with the deepness and transparency at the same time.
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