Dave I.d.
cd D
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Dave.I.D likes to think for himself. Always has done. Its the reason why his debut album didnt go quite according to his initial plan. He was going to make. to use his own words. >something pretty simple and straightforward<. But then he noticed lots of his friends were discovering new beliefs. Some even tried to convert him. >Im very open-minded to different beliefs. but I question and see things slightly differently.< he says. Without necessarily wanting to. he found himself reflecting on existential questions. >The album is a record of the time that it was made. and thats what was going on in my life at the time. I didnt necessarily want to make the debut album like that. I felt I had to make it<. The cerebral inspiration catapulted him into musics outer rim. He beamed back a dark. dense sometimes confrontational sound. but ultimately compelling sound. But. in the end. it turned out to be a happy accident because the resulting record. called >Response< appropriately enough. is mind-bendingly inventive. brilliantly off-kilter and constantly surprising. Crucially. the tough sonics are paired with killer melodies: this is deep. heavy music you can hum. The records he was listening to while making >Response< help make sense of his singular sound
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