Daniel Solar - RETROSPECT EP

Daniel Solar
12" Vinyl UK
Dikso / Dikso006

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DiKSO from Berlin drop another amazing EP ! After five Super Sound Singles here is Diksos very first artist EP and of course it will be Daniel Solars job to do the kick-off. His Retrospect EP features the most zippy stuff Dikso has released so far without being an ordinary house record. The percussion is minimalistically filigree. the atmosphere is fluffy and Aniyas voice on >Can You Really Know< comes direct from outer space... er... down under. DIKSO006 A1 - Summer. sunshine. a picnic basket full of delicious food and wine and someone to share a walk in the park. Sounds cheesy? Yes. you are right... but remember that every park has its dark corners. DIKSO006 A2 - Daniel teamed up with Aniya Ouu. the grand lady of >Melbourne Deepcast<. a blog from a few down under brothers and sisters in spirit. Intercontinental and interblogospheric. interdisciplinary and... (fill in a word of your choice that begins with inter) DIKSO006 B1 - Thee role model of Deepslowmonudiscoeditchicagoacidwhateverhouse. After finishing two longplayers earlier this year he spent some time to refine Daniels track. The original shines through but everything is a little bit deeper. darker. stronger. Its still a walk in the park. but imagine the voices of owls and some undefinable dark shadows instead of wine. women & song. DIKSO006 B2 - We still have his brilliant EP for Permanet Vacation in our ears and synapses and now he is here with a stirring remix for prime times and big rooms. The boys from Dikso borrowed Pional. probably Spains best kept secret. from John Talabots Hivern Discs camp who delivers a real monster of a track. John. they have promised to give him back. later... someday... somehow
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