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Did you see that reckless kid sitting next to Rebolledo at the wheel of a convertible, racing around the Mexican countryside while chanting things about revenge and seduction? It's also him being the handsome gadabout restlessly rushing through the streets of Barcelona, claiming that he "gives nothing". And there's a possibility that maybe last weekend that very same boy bewildered your local dance grotto with hyperactive vigour. Talking about Monterrey's Daniel Maloso and his fabled Cómeme collaborations with Rebolledo (including the much acclaimed "Desierto" EP), his colossal solo debut "Hijos de José" and his reputation for highly intense live action. It's been two years ago that the metropolitan "Discoteca Cavernícola" (as Daniel would say) was struck by a series of bodytronic thunderbolts under the names of "Venganza y Seducción", "Ritmo Especial" or "No Doy Nada". For Daniel these electrifying beasts were one thing above all: only the beginning. "Ritmo Especial", one of Cómeme's biggest hits to date, was a breathless EBM-ish outburst of bassy monosynth driven funk machine music aimed to inspire manoeuvres of your body mechanics. He coined it "caveman disco". For the dancer it's been pure mechano-mad physique. But then again: just the overture. So say the word Cómeme and think of a delicate dance dungeon where the modus operandi is 1) not asking permission, 2) dispensing all usual preliminary, 3) off the cuff. That's the very element of "In & Out". Cómeme's second long player (after Rebolledos "Super Vato"), is Daniel Maloso´s ode to the seductive powers of the night-time world, a homage to ceremonial cave musica made for the carnal momentum. Moving in sudden shifts it can be cinematic automaton boogie with a leather jacket on ("Shera") or Kraut eaten up by Eurodisco's dark half ("Boney"). It can be a maze of sequenced syncopated baselines pulsating in the name of Soccio's "Dancer" and Cowley's "Megatron Man", gospel choirs on top ("Body Music"). Or just pure stripped out machine funk ("Control y Voltaje"). Call up the children of the night to rise ("They Came At Night". See strangers crossing paths ("Cafe Obscuro"). Share a look with someone and see both of you wishing for an offer ("Mamihlapinatapai"). Follow Daniel's nocturnal passages.
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