12" Vinyl D
Gravite Records / grvt004

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Ontology is the beginning of reality. Pulsing rhythms as categories of being are acting like entities in a dusty void. Sparkles of light underlines the times of creation. where nothing existed before. Since nothing really existed for the human being. silence was full of noises.Pulsation as the archaic form of life. The Ontology remix is made by Bruno Sacco. perfectly in line with Coals original. A vision in a techno rough structure. with more bpm. The remix doesnt alter the original but approach it from another point of view. A vision in perfect Parisian techno style.

COAL is the dark side of composer/producer Giovanni Paris.
COAL was born and raised surrounded by dark landscapes, black suburbs of emotions.The border of humanity where only industrial archeology remains, leads his music to alter the structure of silence and break trough it with an erosive wave of scream.
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