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Running Back / RBCD07

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Available On Cd And Double Lp Via Running Back ---. Produced By Maurice Fulton.
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Maurice Fulton listens to The Hydrangeas Whisper The house producer will revisit his flower-focused Boof alias on a new LP/CD next week. Maurice Fulton will release another album as Boof on March 30th. Boof is just one of Fulton’s many aliases and projects, and one that he’s been returning to every five years or so. The music he releases under the name concerns itself mainly with flowers and it’s among his more eccentric material, touching on disco, house and hip-hop. The Hydrangeas Whisper follows 2011’s Shhh, Dandelions At Play LP, and where that record landed on Running Back, this one will see release via his own BubbleTease Communications.
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