12" Vinyl NL
Eat Concrete / EAT017

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Blipvert releases his highly anticipated EP for Eat Concrete Records. >Quantumbuster Now< offers four compositions that are rich in texture. extremely dense and highly original. Californian based Blipvert manages to create a world of his own. a place where literally each second displays a multitude of ideas. a place also where no idea ever repeats itself. >Quantumbuster Now< features Blipvert on electronics. guitar. vocals and drums.

Stylistically, this EP can be labelled Glitch, IDM, Noise and Psychedelic but although ‘Quantumbuster Now’ is all of the above it's so much more. Blipvert borrows just as easily from free-jazz as from breakcore, he juxtaposes African drum music with weird vocalisation and his instrumentation is detailed to the extreme. Clearly, Blipvert has build a monster of an EP with music so creative and uncompromising it will be played and enjoyed for years to come.
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