Maximus (Maxi CD)
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This Summer Beni Will Continue To Reign The Dancefloor Supreme With A New Monster Slab Of Black Plastic. Maximus Featuring Vocals From The Mighty Sam Sparro. Who Put The Fun In Acid-funk You Ask? The Answer Is: Beni Did. A Low-slung Exercise In Dark And Dirty Arpeggiated Sleaze. Maximus Marries A Sparse Bubble-groove That Creeps Up Behind You And Licks Your Ear With A Very Purple Vocal Performance By Sparro To Devastating Effect. The Resulting Track Is Something Akin To Kiss-era Prince And Friends Dirty Dancing At A Toga Party While Ancient Rome Burns Down Around Them. On The Flipside Beni And Nicky Night Time Give Maximus A Night-time Re-dub Rubdown. Taking The Track Away From The Creepy Funk Freak And Towards A Straighter Slammer Jammer. Favouring Blatant Dancefloor Manipulation Over The Subtle And The Sexy. Also Featured (and Included On The Next Kitsune Maison 7 Installment) Is Fringe Element. Which Encapsulates The Feeling Of Surfing On A Shooting Star Like Never Before. With Beni Sitting Proudly At The Controls. An Electronic Orchestra Of Descending Basslines. Vocoder Snippets. Bleeps And Acid Squeaks. Fringe Element Caps Off Another Compelling Chapter In Benis Lifelong Voyage Through Dance. After The Cover Of His First Ep My Love Sees You Made By GeneviÌve Gauckler. His New 12 Is Illustrated By French Artist Andre.
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