Arjuna Schiks
12" Vinyl D
Einmusika / Einmusika012

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Everything is in solution. No more here. no more when - the sounds loosing their way while creating something new and mysterious. Waterkristallen is a transparent and absolute haunting track from Arjuna Schiks which will be released on Einmusika Records at the end of July. Its a deep and tech influenced number with dizzying atmospheric parts and a lot of power on the other sight - its a dancefloor-number detached from the seasons. Arjuna Schiks was inspired by New Age. Meditation and world music. a Hippie-child from Amsterdam - that is what you can also hear in his productions One More Day and My cup of tea. They are so strong and free - good vibes for your soul and precious diamonds for the clubs. Once again Einmusik is preparing the stage for a young and great producer and it is not supposed to be a short-time collab.
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