Alec Troniq - SUB AQUERS

Alec Troniq
12" Vinyl D
Ipoly Music / Ipoly001

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
Support comes from Laurent Garnier. Anderson Noise. Chris Fortier. Gunjah. Jamie Stevens.. Ipoly Music is the new imprint A&R ed by Alec Troniq and Mentalic. managed by Microtonal Records. After various releases for Etui Records. Phonocake and Microtonal the two talented travellers have found their own place of creativity and reveries. Ipoly stands for melodic dancemusic to lead deeper sentiments back to the dancefloor where body and mind become reunited. On IPOLY001 Alec Troniq immerses via Sub Aquers to abyssal spheres. to dive through his own world of myths. On the other side a daunting mood of odd claustrophobia is created. to flip afterwards into a quite oppositional flow
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