Akiko Kiyama - CUTTING TEARS

Akiko Kiyama


12" Vinyl D

Neopren / Neo0106

Front View : Akiko Kiyama - CUTTING TEARS - Neopren / Neo0106
Back View : Akiko Kiyama - CUTTING TEARS - Neopren / Neo0106

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Born and raised in Tokyo, living in Berlin since may 2007, Akiko Kiyama presents on NEO010 two wonderful Minimal- Tracks, synthetic, acrylic, rough and raw, sober and straight, shy and yet damn clubby. Akiko - whose delicately reduced musical style is partly defined by some earlier 12 inch releases on m-nus creates a fragile and surprising cosmos of subtle rhythmical structures and wobbling guttural waveforms, all this combined with this very special female approach that people all around the globe seem to love more and more. For those who like it a little bit less minimal, there are two remixes included. We have one by Humantronic, the minitech (or tech?) berserk from France, who re-establishes an industrially strict balance of pumping and knitting sounds, with almost trancy elements good and healthy food for the club community

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