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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: trinidadian deep & will lister
12" Vinyl UK 25.04.18
for anma’s sixth outing we see a coupling of two remarkable talents from either sides of the atlantic, each taking two turns across a side of crisp wax. first up for the us side we have new york based trinidadian deep. personally mentored by chi-town legend ron trent and with his own unique vision of soulful deep house, he has imparted us with two deeply immersive cuts of intense dance floor electricity, laced with his signature percussive club spirituality! for the uk flip, london based will lister is a name to watch out for, a young producer who can boast his first wax release being put out on phonica’s own house label! taking things down a notch on the pitch fader, will has provided two slow-mo jams that reward the attentive listener with his sensuous and detailed production style. building tension meticulously before releasing energy with aplomb and polishing things beautifully with his class jazzy flair. lovingly pressed on 180g vinyl, hand stamped and labelled on a limited run.
Anma Records
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