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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: sascha funke vs nina kraviz
12" Vinyl D 19.07.10
some things seem to have a symbiotic relationship. prime example: a low-key electronic soundscape that leaves room for roaming thoughts, inhabited by an ethereal voice that colours in the musical silhouettes conjured in the minds eye. for his first ep since the >mango remixes< in 2008, sascha funke calls upon russian nina kraviz to make a feature appearance. with her releases on rekids, b77 and underground quality, this young woman has brought a rare combination of talents to bear: she sings, plays and produces with an equally astounding level of expertise. so what we have here is an encounter between of germanys most incisive techno producers and a singer of considerable charisma.
Bpitch Control
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9.45 EUR *
2cd D 02.11.10
for plenty of us berlin is not only germanys ever growing capital but the worlds current headquarter of the electronic music szene as such with many of the worlds signature clubs & labels calling it their home. logically berlin has launched its own music conference - berlin music days with a brand new concept this year. artists , musicians , magazines, booking agencies, labels, djs, decision makers and finally all the public will have the chance to meet in off locations (day) and clubs (night) all over town for a few days of a bottom up meet and greet, exchange, music making and listening from nov. 3-6 this year. the whole thing culminates in fly bermuda - the official music festival at flughafen tempelhof and this herewith presented bespoke official compilation incl. berlins most fabulous music of the year on a day and night side
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