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12" Vinyl D 16.11.09
co-producer of the lastest tiefschwarzs bomb >trust< and full-time member of souvenir, philipp >sante< maier spent the summer with ali and basti on the road, every time warmly praised by the crowds of fabric in london, watergate and weekend in berlin or sonar festival in barcelona for his highly physical live-set. santé, together with adam port, rampa or &me is also part of a new school of producers from berlin, all fully dedicated to the delights of foot-stomping, straight- and four-to-the-dancefloors and already gathered under the standard of souvenir booking. so for this 22nd release on vinyl, ali and basti clinked for the third time glasses with sante, but this time, they chopped the magnum, and offered their round to rampa, and david mayer
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7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.07.11
remixed by / alex dolby / coming soon we are very proud to annouce santÈs first ep >comme ci comme ca<, which will be released on topmodel records. remixes from: alex dolby ,, coming soon
Topmodel Records
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cd D 03.05.11
souvenir, das in berlin ansaessige label der gebrueder tiefschwarz, bringt seine erste label-compilation unter die leute. die zusammenstellung traegt den titel -in the city-. auf cd 1 sind u.a. tracks von &me, adam port, ahmet sisman, amir, maher daniel, nico, onno, rampa,, ruede hagelstein & naneci, sante feat. meggy, sebbo & dennis goekdag und tiefschwarz. cd 2 ist ein exklusiver tiefschwarz mix, bestehend aus den bisherigen highlights des labelkatalogs.
Souvenir Music
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