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12" Vinyl FR 19.03.18
lumièreslanuit (lln) is glad to introduce to you to samochai (llnoff004), 4th release of its off series by bremen-based music composers and djs massud matin & smisou. samochai ep presents two different atmospheres that lumièreslanuit and its off series are particularly fond of: deep- and dub-techno. indeed, whereas massud matin take us out of ourselves with the deep, atmospheric and mind-blowing beats of zal, smisou imm­­erses us in his musical world with the dubby, cadenced and aquatic beats of chanj. massud matin & smisou celebrate the same music since 2012. the beginning of their collaboration was marked by a couple of digital releases like smisouís remix of massud matinís come on (2015) and his keemun ep (2016) ó in collaboration with miynn ó on samani that also includes a remix by massud matin. more recently, massud matin & smisou released parand de muth on brosh records. finally, in december 2017, massud matin brought out his first vinyl ep like you (tprl03) on romanian label tupiar records.
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.12.17
without further introduction we ll let the music speak for itself, thus hoping you enjoy and dance to every second of it ...
Tupiar Records
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11.99 EUR *

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