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12" Vinyl D 26.02.14
100 limited vinyl edition
Elipse Music
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.10.13
klamauk 005 various artists release is coming with tracks from roman rauch in collaboration with his mate philta, spontanmusik head keinzweiter, tom ellis and florence based the clover. roman rauch, well known for his releases on philpot, tenderpark or quintessentials brings us with >gino< a slow and deep housebanger with a smooth bassline that unfolds into some vibes and funky monosynth jamming for a simultaneously laid back and upbeat experience. keinzweiter – >the stomp< is a laid back discoslammer, getting richer in sound untill the break where the strings come all down and make the track to a little symphony. tom ellis created with >got your back< a big groovemonster, wobbling in deep territories and shuffled percussions. closing it out, we have the clover with their track >whitening the cell<. a live played bassline, setting the stage for some expansive background synth work in the second half with some cutted microhouse elements. limited and numbered vinyls.
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.06.07
excellent driven and well produced techhouse to minimal techno by >keinzweiter<. he s known from releases on overdrive, 440hz records and 3d. snork is a division of feinwerk
out of stock
7.50 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.03.07
keinzweiter aka tobias lorsbach. known from releases on 3d and 440hz records comes here the overdrive debut. 3 excellent fresh & clean sounding techhouse groover with deep and funky vibes.. tip
out of stock
7.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.06.05
produced by tobias lorsbach
3D 003
out of stock
6.81 EUR *

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