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12" Vinyl lp US 23.05.17
the patron saints of altered states known as john frum welcome in the golden age of musical enlightenment with a stirring in the noos. nearly 6 years in the making, john frum’s unorthodox debut maneuvers through 40 minutes of darkly psychedelic and meticulously crafted death metal, acting as a medium for malefic musings, the backdrop of a bad trip. john frum borrows its name from a relatively isolated group of natives in the south pacific islands, known as a cargo cult, whose encounter with the outside world led to an awakening of new beliefs and lifestyles. the mysterious john frum is the manifestation of four musical minds coalescing in a collective consciousness developed from time spent playing with the dillinger escape plan, the faceless, john zorn, cleric and many more elite projects. a stirring in the noos is a dismal distillation of oneric transmission and a totem to modern primitivism in heavy music.
the vinyl lp includes a download code.
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22.95 EUR *
cd UK 09.05.12
einmalige mischung aus 8 bit-chiptune sounds, roots reggae einflüssen und dub beats
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16.99 EUR *

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