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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: io (mulen) / chris carrier / john jastszebski / tommy vicari jnr
12" Vinyl UK 02.06.17
played by raresh !!
politics of dancing records celebrate their 3rd anniversary with two vinyl only releases and a digital compilation of unreleased tracks from a pretty impressive line up of confirmed and up and coming producers. this is the second vinyl only part to be released, with another 4 tracks of serious cutting edge underground house music. io (mulen) , chris carrier, john jastszebski and tommy vicari jnr are on the line up and it s been highly supported by raresh, d julz, apollonia and djebali among others. io (mulen) opens up with a classy 8 minutes floor killer with a fat rolling bass and funky stabs, chris carrier goes deep space for good with jazzy drums and killer effects. on the b side, john jastszebski gives us a masterful deep dub techno lesson, and the prolific and versatile tommy vicari jnr closes with style, on a smooth and elegant deep house cut. another top notch 4 tracker from politics of dancing records.
Politics Of Dancing
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