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12" Vinyl ( / ) D 18.12.17
cafe d anvers records, the label created from the same minds behind the infamous belgian club cafe de anvers, are beyond proud to present their very first release, coming at you on vinyl! throughout the years, cafe d anvers club made it their mission to provide nothing but the finest quality house music in a unique setting, this decades old, brightly converted church was thé home base for partygoers of every background and flavor. it is with this mindset they proudly present their first release, brought to you by the belgian duo capoon. capoon is comprised out of techno and house producer & djs jackjazz and lemakuhlar, who have banded together to form this fresh duo. the album title track takes the lead out of the bunch, as the a1 >i got soul (original mix)< blasts off to treat its listeners to a veritable assault of drums, basslines, stabs, and a classic soulful (no pun intended) vocal cut that guides the breakdown to its relentless climax. the frankfurt based producer reboot gives us the honor of hearing his take on the b1 side with this >reboots million souls remix<. very reminiscent of the minimal glorydays, this exquisite union of minimalistic drums, bips, bleeps and faded stabs provides us with reboots unique take on the original. french native, matt sassari takes control of the b2 side with his remixed version, relying on the modern days techno sound, yet keeping it progressively darker in terms of structure and vibe to top off the colourful sound palette of the album. last but not least, and with the dj in mind, capoon dedicated the a2 side to an a2 acapella track, servicing those who want that little extra for their creative needs!
Cafe D Anvers Records
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