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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: glowing in the dark
12" Vinyl US 16.08.18
echodroides is a collaboration between chicago natives frank de la mora & miguel martin. their sound can be described as a trip through space with analog synthesizers and drum machines. they came together in 2011 first working on remixes then shortly after decided to work on original material. their music has been featured in tv shows, movies, promotional videos from peugeot, fashion labels and the ubisoft video game, watch dogs. for this special and limited release they re-created a track from 80s us studio project, experimental products, - paying tribute to -glowing in the dark- original and an instrumental. (words from the artists) experimental products has always been a massive influence on us from the very 1st time we heard them back in the 80s. glowing in the dark, in particular changed everything for us. mark wilde and michael gross were way ahead of their time. we wanted to pay tribute to them by re-creating this song from scratch.
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