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Token / TOKEN120

Front View : ORBE - ANDROMEDA - Token / TOKEN120
Back View : ORBE - ANDROMEDA - Token / TOKEN120

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Token welcomes ORBE for their 120th release

For Token's 120th release, the imprint reintroduces scene favorite ORBE for another EP. Revered for his deep and viscous textures over stark rhythms, the Spaniard furthers his point in four calculated and layered examples.

Opening with deeply filtered synth work, ORBE takes his time to subtly introduce shrill tension in the first track, displaying control in a progressive arrangement. He's quickly able to accentuate his intention with a single stab, providing a shimmer and a sharp edge to a rounder-bodied record. Turning over to Andromeda 2, we switch to a dryer lead with a convoluted ambiance, giving a driving track more structure through contrasted transitions. ORBE intensifies the rest of the cut with an electrifying noise circling around the mainland of his identifiably layered work. Alleviating some harshness from the main components, the artist dives into a more liquid and cavernous environment. Pressing through with sustained keys, ORBE continues to evoke a sense of suspense even in his more adventurous tracks. Anticipation rises and falls with the sustain of his resonant lead, taking us to the final chapter of Andromeda. To round off the cosmic voyage our artist departs with what, in the beginning, seems like another intimidating presentation of thick synthlines whipping across a steady rhythm - but then comes a surprisingly ethereal pad, oscillating throughout Andromeda 4, to indicate a safe arrival from a nail-biting story.
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