Various Artists - GENESIS EP


12 Inch

Superluminal / SUPLU010

Front View : Various Artists - GENESIS EP (VINYL ONLY) - Superluminal / SUPLU010
Back View : Various Artists - GENESIS EP (VINYL ONLY) - Superluminal / SUPLU010

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Vinyl Only

Over the course of the year, the label has assembled four different compositions reflecting each artist's devotion and fascination for synthesizers and drum machines. Melancholic arpeggiators, funk-driven techno grooves, and sharp-filtered vocoded sequences written by Edward Norton. Joyful minor-key bass lines carved into electro-wave atmospheres over Roland Tr-606, 808 rhythms summarize the sound palette behind "Nolla" a work programmed by Konerytmi, a brainchild of longtime electro musician Kirill Junolainen. The trance-inducing "Untitled 7" was written a long time ago by Jay Relf, Keyboardist of Astralasia & Magic Mushroom band before he left the group to work on solo projects and as Solar Plexus. "Out Of Reality" evokes transcending techno-ethereal, hope-giving atmospheres. Rickie's sound includes tribal-obscure early 90s influences around themes of lysergic trance-inducing pads. [info sheet from distr.]
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