Pressure Point - GHOST ON TAPE EP

Pressure Point



Pluie/Noir Recordings / PNR014

Front View : Pressure Point - GHOST ON TAPE EP - Pluie/Noir Recordings / PNR014
Back View : Pressure Point - GHOST ON TAPE EP - Pluie/Noir Recordings / PNR014

Luca Binatti shows us remarkably how minimal techno and house music can merge together.

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Over the past few years, Luca Binatti released a steady stream of quality EPs that showcased a remarkable talent with a clear understanding of what makes dance music unique. Also known for his guise as D:fferent Place, where house music is the main topic, Luca's boldest experiments belong under the Pressure Point project.

Pressure Point's debut on Pluie/Noir is no different — a collection of four ultra-personal tracks drenched in honest emotion and playful psychedelia. And it sounds as human as it sounds outer-worldly. Inspired by music genres unrestricted by the club ecosystems, "Ghost on Tape" features compositions that span from deeply spacial house to low-swung finely-detailed minimal.

Cover artwork features a stunning painting by the exquisite London-based artist David Surman. "Mask of a King / Midas" is inspired by Agamemnon's mask found in ancient Mycenae and Picasso's last self-portraits, furthering the emotional impact of the release as a whole. Limited pressing.

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