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Front View : Ame - THE WITNESS EP - Innervisions / IV100
Back View : Ame - THE WITNESS EP - Innervisions / IV100

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This summer, Innervisions will present their long-awaited 100th release titled “The Witness”. The four track EP by Âme and co-curated by Dixon, will be available in three formats across digital, vinyl and for the first time NFT. Intertwined through a series of digital and limited edition physical artworks, IV100 notably features a digital animation consisting of two objects from the collection colliding. The viewer and listener is invited to watch the light shine through until only a blinding white light remains, noticeably marking the beginning of a new era and sound for the renowned label. Looking forward to IV101 and beyond, Innervisions will embrace it’s new clean cut façade from both an artwork and business perspective - giving every release it’s own identity with an album based focus.

8 years after the last single release “Tatischeff” on Innervisions, german-duo Âme remain at the forefront of electronic music and look to the future with their 100th catalogue number. Experimenting with vocals and personalities, Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer of Âme explore a heavier sound with the new release. Despite their prominence within house music, IV100 noticeably combines the unique sounds of Wiedemann and Beyer’s solo performances (Live sets and DJ) with characteristics of techno, commenting that “this EP could be seen as the biggest common denominator”.

Connecting the community through new opportunities within the worlds of technology and sound, Innervisions pioneers the use of NFT for the first time as part of a new strategy exploring all technology driven solutions - including blockchain and smart contract. Cautiously exploring its own sustainable strategy, the label experiments with the listeners reaction to the artist with four AI manipulated versions of the opening track “The Witness”. Featuring a series of voices based on a selection of personalities by Âme; - in their own words, “The AI voices represent some of our most valued forward thinking people of the last century"; the NFT identifies a new animation with a coinciding sound, consequently allowing for visions and ideas to grow and progress. Through careful experimentation of this new technology, Innervisions create a dedicated digital marketplace connecting fans directly with the artists, setting the label up for the future.
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