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12" NL

Bitta / Bitta009

Front View : DJ Nobu - EXTRA TOOLS 2 - Bitta / Bitta009
Back View : DJ Nobu - EXTRA TOOLS 2 - Bitta / Bitta009

DJ Nobu ist zurück mit der nächsten Folge seiner Extra Tools-Serie auf Bitta.

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DJ Nobu is back with the next installment of his Extra Tools series on Bitta. In Nobu's own words: "In the time when I have much less opportunities to play dance tracks as a DJ, I imagined the dance floor of the post-pandemic future, which I know will be filled with positive vibes. This 4-track EP consists of variety of tracks that can be played in different phases of a DJ set. I chose to make straightforward dance floor oriented tracks, because I wanted to encourage listeners and DJs not to forget about the fun we have on the dance floor. I wanted to convey my hope to those who are not yet able to restart the parties." Opening track 'Entering' is a trippy psychedelic track for those deep outdoor hours when the snares echo throughout the mountains, 'Resemblance' is an acid tinged breakbeat that resonates with industrial and electro style. On the flip 'Desire' is a hypnotic peak-time techno track that will function well in any environment, and 'Fade' is an atmospheric and pleasant morning breakbeat tune. The striking artwork for the cover is contributed by Nobu's close associate Tomoo Gokita. [info sheet from distr.]

Mano le Tough (Pampa): "incredible stuff, so classy!”
Efdemin (Ostgut Ton): "Sugoiiii! Love it"
Svreca (Semantica): "Blinding !! Full support."
Luke Slater (Mote-Evolver): "Great thanks!"
Batu (Timedance): "really good”
Claire Morgan: "Resemblance and Fade are both excellent, thank you :)"
Dan Curtin (Metamorphic): "this is crazy, into these mindtrips just like I was the previous EP from Nobu on Bitta, unique production sound as well..."
GiGi FM (NTS): "DON NOBU ~ l o v e ~ "
Paula Koski (Monument): "I got butterflies in my stomach when thinking of playing track no. 1 outdoors. Cannot wait. Thank you :)"
BMG (Interdimensional Transmissions): "stellar music, total head trips, such a joy, thank you nobu! entering is really grabbing me. the art is also tops."
Jon Hester (Dystopian): "Fantastic EP Nobu!!"
Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem): "these are awesome! really love resemblance"
Rrose (Eaux): "Love the music (esp. Entering and Resemblance) and the artwork too! Thank you Nobu for the message of hope :)"
Amandra (Nous'klaer): "YES Nobu-san, love it, especially the broken grooves 2 & 4 !! Thx"
Antal (Rush Hour): "Nice! i am into FADE "
Slam (Soma Records): "Thanx - very cool "
Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NY): "Nobu with the mental shit, as usual. Love it!"
DJ Bone (Subject Detroit): "Great tools from Nobu! Respect. "
[info sheet from distr.]
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