WhoMadeWho - KNEE DEEP



12" Vinyl lp + dl D

Kompakt / Kompakt 230

Front View : WhoMadeWho - KNEE DEEP (LP + DL) - Kompakt / Kompakt 230
Back View : WhoMadeWho - KNEE DEEP (LP + DL) - Kompakt / Kompakt 230

2021 Repress , incl DL, Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoffding and Jeppe Kjellberg aka WhoMadeWho have paved an illustrious career spanning numerous singles and two acclaimed full length albums. They have certainly been one of the few acts in the past decade to successfully redefine the term crossover in music thanks to their genre hopping creative tact. Now, WhoMadeWho team up with Kompakt to bring you this very special release. Following a long tour and still riding on success of their last full length >The Plot< (2009), in early 2010 the Copenhagen trio isolated themselves in several rooms of an semi-built hotel near the harbour of their hometown.

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