Stanislav Tolkachev - THERE IS NO CURE


12 Inch

Token / TOKEN95

Front View : Stanislav Tolkachev - THERE IS NO CURE - Token / TOKEN95
Back View : Stanislav Tolkachev - THERE IS NO CURE - Token / TOKEN95

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Token is proud to present Stanislav Tolkachev on their Label

Stanislav Tolkachev, oft lauded as one of the shining lights of the genre, debuts on Token with his unique take on contemporary Techno. The five track EP, titled There Is No Cure, highlights the producer's infamously idiosyncratic style, showcasing his ability as an artist to draw in disparate moods to his work whilst maintaining a powerful sense of cohesion.
Deconstructed opener Two Treats Right Now, instantly recognisable as Tolkachev's music, sets the tone for the record. A single, curiously disharmonious patch waxes & bends for just under three and a half minutes while off kilter rides and hat patterns are introduced (and occasionally removed) to add to the delicious cacophony, the result being a kind of sonic palette cleanser. Follow up Whole Life Order maintains that sense of reduction and disharmony, but places the listener firmly on the dance floor - heavily saturated, delayed kicks drive the work while a live lead sequence sits atop. To some degree A side closer Delayed Gratification does what it says on the tin, holding the listener in stasis - a perfectly executed bridge piece designed explicitly for DJ use.

If the A side of There Is Now Cure is characterised by a kind of brutish darkness, the B offers a lighter approach to Tolkachev's work. Title track There Is No Cure is nothing short of anthemic. Built around those same components so favoured by the Ukrainian - the driven kick drums and isolated, singular sequences, There Is No Cure is crisp and playful, communicating a palpable sense of hope, all the more compounded by what has come before. About Time, the EP closer, continues these thematic concerns, but appears gentler still in its articulation. Soft but still dense, and beautifully produced, it's a deeply moving piece of music built sparingly that ties up a fantastic first offering for Token.

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