ED1999 - Original Sin

Original Sin


Porpax / Porpax004

Front View : ED1999 - Original Sin - Porpax / Porpax004
Back View : ED1999 - Original Sin - Porpax / Porpax004

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Completing the trilogy of releases in collusion with graphic artist Oliver Sperl, Belgian techno producer ED1999 chooses to nish on ORIGINAL SIN EP, a 4-track dark ex- periment of audio-visual harmony, complete with blasting industrial beats and doom- metal growls.
Original Sin EP hits you from the get-go with PANDEMONIUM, a track saturated with industrial reverbs and dark echoey vocals circulating around a central, elastic bass. PANDEMONIUM achieves a distinct energy, the anger and tension injected into the mix still coming through crisp and clear.
STRAIGHT OUTTA HELL follows up with a gloomy, dissonant piece with a thudding kick line pervading through a wall of metallic drones and distorted growling. The track emanates a bleak, nocturnal timbre, giving off a feeling of unfeeling cold and isolation.
The B-side opens with EVIL DISORDER, a cosmic, atmospheric take on the EP's di- stinctly melancholic theme. Stuttering percs grate against the cold-steel sound of clashing metal structures to create a manic, alien sound accentuated by the roaring, tubular bassline rushing around in circles like a particle in the LHC.
THE FURNACE is the nal track in the nal instalment of this trilogy and serves up a twisted nale of harmonic robotic bass interwoven with a static, tension-inducing array of synthesised madness, creating an ominous obelisk of massive and miniscule movements. The track delivers one more guttural sonic blow before retreating back
to the lonely pulsating winds on which the track began.
ORIGINAL SIN EP marks ED1999's third audio-visual collaboration with Sperl, who handles the graphics and cover art to accompany the music. The pair worked in tight co-operation, taking great care in melding together their respective music and gra- phics into one conceptual form. The EP will be released on PORPAX Records, marking the label's fourth entry onto the scene. [info sheet from distr.]
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