Mark du Mosch - MAGNETO

Mark du Mosch


12" Vinyl NL

Pinkman / PNKMN37

Front View : Mark du Mosch - MAGNETO - Pinkman / PNKMN37
Back View : Mark du Mosch - MAGNETO - Pinkman / PNKMN37

Faboulous Mark du Mosch is back!

Mark du Mosch returns to Pinkman, after his debut EP The Red Hour back in 2016. Magneto takes you on a rollercoaster ride from an industrial factory workout to a soulful frenzy and back. Filled with heavy, borderline tribal rhythms intertwined with glitchy loops and spacey melodies, it's a vortex into a dreamlike state where the routine is the villain and the practice of discipline unfolds into the liberation of creativity. And all given groove Mark du Mosch's style. [info sheet from distr.]
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