Tour-Maubourg - DUOPHONIE EP



12" Vinyl D

Salin Records / Salin009

Front View : Tour-Maubourg - DUOPHONIE EP - Salin Records / Salin009
Back View : Tour-Maubourg - DUOPHONIE EP - Salin Records / Salin009

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Salin Records welcomes Tour-Maubourg

Salin Records welcomes Tour-Maubourg to the label, a match we dreamed of since we heard his first EP on his home label “Pont Neuf” back in 2017. The Paris based producer and DJ is an outstanding talent in creating emotions. It is probably exactly that what makes him one of the most promising artists of the Parisian house scene according to Trax Magazine. Through the last year, he was very keen on building up a studio in Paris. His enthusiasm for studio gear leads to a new level of production skills. “Interlude” and “Duophonie (Jazz Mix)” are two perfect examples for the symbiosis of sampling, synthesis and sound design. These two tracks fascinated us with their richness of detail and liveliness, and so we decided to build a whole EP around these beautiful tracks. Christophe Salin makes his remix debut with his reinterpretation of “Interlude”. After the release of his “You Took My Love EP” in spring 2019 he took the time to rebuild his studio and work on new ways to create sounds and textures. Remixing for one of his most appreciated artists of the current house scene is, without a doubt, the perfect time to release the sound he was working on during the last months. Daria Salin’s painting speaks louder than any word and reflects the structures and details of Tour-Maubourg’s music. We’re sure that “Tour-Maubourg - Duophonie EP” will stay in your heart and case for a long time. Maybe you should think about getting it twice; one for your wall and one to play it out ;-) [info sheet from distr.]
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