Villager - AURA EP



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Boysnoize Records / BNR194

Front View : Villager - AURA EP - Boysnoize Records / BNR194
Back View : Villager - AURA EP - Boysnoize Records / BNR194

Boysnoize Records welcome Villager, aka Alex Young

Villager, aka Alex Young is a dynamic new producer who has been signed to the iconic Boysnoize Records for two fresh new EPs, kicking off with the superb ‘Aura’.

This promising artist has an arresting and energetic sound that perfectly fits in with this label and comes after years touring with DJs such as Skrillex, Diplo and Cashmere Cat. As well as the focus on refining his ability as a producer in the studio, the Villager project is also about taking the live electronic experience to a new level, using visuals created and curated by Alex himself, and featuring a balance of DJ sets along with shows that are live and improvised, using synths, drum machines, and the latest in music technology.

Opener ‘Vessel Boy’ shows off his skills immediately: it features hard hitting drum loops and is wired up with synths, whirring machines and distant bird calls that all froth with energy. The excellent ‘Aura’ then pairs lo-fi beats with taught synth sequences and crashing hits to really bring a new rave sound. ‘Chimera’ shows off another side to this artist with celestial melodies raining down the face of a vulnerable, piano-laced groove that slowly transforms into a shuffling house track. ‘Treehouse 1’ is more delicate, with a suspensory groove detailed by thoughtful pads and deft melodies that drift and float in a wide open and late night expanse. ‘Treehouse 2’ is the standout closer, with distorted drums and manic synths layered up into high pressure rhythms that are designed for
warehouse destruction.

This is a fascinating EP that covers plenty of vital club sounds from a brand new perspective. [info sheet from distr.]
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