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Khemia / K014

Front View : Hoarder - CONSUMER REGRET - Khemia / K014
Back View : Hoarder - CONSUMER REGRET - Khemia / K014

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Hoarder is the latest project in a long line of collaborations between Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair) and multi- media artist Joie Iacono. Building a sonic world sourced from organic, electronic, and found sounds, the two have waded neck deep into noise-oriented, darker territories over the past 3 years in the studio, and just the tip of the iceberg is revealed on this first EP with London based Khemia Records,
While the four tracks definitely nod to 80’s industrial and techno, with Butler’s knack for arrangement and tenure producing music, and their combined years steeped in the culture, the Ep feels inspired by the era rather than replication or straight homage.
The intention to create a complete visual world alongside these musical experiments is very evident in the video for “Tetanus Spike”. Culling from her years as a visual artist, working with under names like David Armstrong, Dike Blair, Annie Sprinkle and Billy Sullivan, Iacono’s nuanced and sometimes brutal take on portraiture and her inherent sense of rhythm with the moving image boldly comes through. The anti-aesthetic and chaos they are investigating most definitely reflects from their shared love of Fluxus and Actionist art, and the power of performance. Ultimately, in an existential moment of fragmentation, unease, and a creeping sense of powerlessness Hoarder’s approach feels right. Rejecting the superficial and longing for lost authenticity, the time to destroy and rebuild has indeed come, and Hoarder can and will further help provoke it’s onset.
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