Exhausted Modern & DimDJ - BNJ004

Exhausted Modern & DimDJ


12" Vinyl D

Blue Night Jungle / BNJ004

Front View : Exhausted Modern & DimDJ - BNJ004 - Blue Night Jungle / BNJ004
Back View : Exhausted Modern & DimDJ - BNJ004 - Blue Night Jungle / BNJ004

first class sound between techno and acid

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Exhausted Modern from Prague (Endless Illusion founder) and the techno veteran DimDJ from Thessaloniki are going together on this split EP, the fourth release on Lyon's imprint Blue Night Jungle. With their strong analog approach, they each explore the infinite possibilities of raw sound materials, going from wild acid aesthetics to classical Detroit's electro aesthetics. Two universes that are largely complementary, strengthening each other, and therefore creating a beautiful representation of what BNJ "Dance" sublabel aims to focus on. With this new release, Blue Night Jungle goes fully European by letting these two underground artist express themselves through a common way.
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