Roman Rai


12" Vinyl UK

Moving Pictures / MOVPIC003

Front View : Roman Rai - NATURE AND SILENCE - Moving Pictures / MOVPIC003
Back View : Roman Rai - NATURE AND SILENCE - Moving Pictures / MOVPIC003

If you are new to Moving Pictures music - you should get comfortable and embrace sounds served with passion from the bottom of the heart. This will be a journey in a timeless space.

Third release in form of another vinyl record will be sounding just like that. Carefully prepared, designed & pressed by 2 label founders Roman Rai & Täino from the bohemian neighborhoods of Prague.

Roman Rai delivers 2 emotionally charged tracks “Nature & Silence” and “White Walls Everywhere” - both equally engulfed in waves of melancholia and mystery. Both tracks will be coming on his full-length album “Middle of Nowhere” that will enter the world next month. As always Roman puts unpredictability, energy and touching emotion above everything else and this release is not an exception.

Third track is a remix of “Nature & Silence” delivered by our Täino - being his favorite track from Roman’s upcoming LP. Täino adds his own spin to the original version, by creating heavier and more obscure record designed to deliver infectious groove even on bigger club sound-systems.

So get your turntable out, put the needle on, close your eyes and get oblivious. It is time to get lost in the textures of Moving Pictures.

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