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Front View : Kaczmarek - CZAK - KCZMRK / KCZEP003
Back View : Kaczmarek - CZAK - KCZMRK / KCZEP003

Hot on the heels of his recent remix EP, featuring revisits from top-shelf groove manipulators Antigone, Adiel, Iori and Museum, Paul Ritch continues on the path of sonic introspection initiated by his albums >IIIIIIIIIIIIII< and >K.A.C.Z.M.A.R.E.K< with >CZAK<. One to teleport you to the deep webs most enigmatic circuits and secret pathways, his newest effort under the Kaczmarek guise finds the Frenchman uncovering a mother lode of unremittingly dark and brooding techno, laced with cyphered electro fulgurances and ambient-tinged divagations outside the confines of functionality and DJ-friendliness.

Meshing samples of encrypted BBC broadcasts from back the darkest hours of WWII with infinite pools of frizzling distortions, bleepy riffs and sunken hardware belches, Kaczmarek once again proves his unique knack for building multi-level pieces and full- of-intricacies groove systems. More spaciously arranged, Side A is a straight out murky and hypnotic affair - starting with the slo- dripping atmospheric menace and corroded drones of 'C', before going classic mental techno full-blast with the deep & dubby highlight, 'Z'. Just as bleak to the core, 'A' puts on a frenzied morse-like script and nerve-racking strings escaped from some eeew- inducing slasher film, quickly fading into the fleet Drexciyan cuts-and-thrusts of the high-velocity Detroit roller and closer, 'K'. [info sheet from distr.]
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