Simone Giudice - OLTRE

Simone Giudice


12" UK

Delirio / DLP 002

Front View : Simone Giudice - OLTRE - Delirio / DLP 002
Back View : Simone Giudice - OLTRE - Delirio / DLP 002

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Delirio welcomes Simone Giudice, an Italian composer class 89 who accesses the world of musical experimentation through the club door. His techno and dance-oriented attitude is the origin of a profound study of the sound acquired in the academic studies of electro-acoustic composition at the "Santa Cecilia" Music Conservatory of Rome.

In his journey as a sound designer, he continually witnesses the oscillation between intimate ambient/drone experimental paths and the creation of peculiar rhythmic patterns of the most inspired techno ambient. Over the years he has channeled part of his work into the Meta- creative laboratory, founded together with composer Luigi Calfa , which joined the compositional act to the transmediale experimentation in curatorial and corporate productions.

His debut album 'Oltre' is an emotional cure that through field recordings, sound syntheses and acoustic instruments retraces a story a biographical trait in which to pour everything: abysses and full breaths, anger and rebirth. The harmonious and melodic setting is covered by a timbric exasperation that invites the listener to an invitation: to go beyond the blanket of more experimental connotations and find oneself in a moment of understanding and simplicity.

The tracklist returns the angles and traits of the path, through key-words and statements that add a universe of meanings to a sound that is sometimes divisive, sometimes obstinate, sometimes the prelude to a reunion. The 10 tracks that make up the album were produced in 2015, mixed and mastered in 2018 by Giuseppe Tillieci aka Neel, in his studio 'Enisslab', based in Rome. Only 3 tracks out of 10 (Momento, Veleno, Esposizione) will be released later on 'DLR', the catalog that gave birth to the label in the spring of 2017, publishing 50 copies for each EP. [info from label]
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