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Naive / NAIVE007

Front View : Almaty - SONIC SIGNATURE EP - Naive / NAIVE007
Back View : Almaty - SONIC SIGNATURE EP - Naive / NAIVE007

Sweden's Almaty joined the Naive family last year with her left-of-centre banger of a debut single "Gennaro" (NAIVE003). This spring she returns to us with her first full EP, Sonic Signature. Building on the sound she introduced on "Gennaro", Almaty gives us an expansive four-track EP that flawlessly combines inventiveness and attention to detail, where breakbeats, ecstatic melodies and bass lines come together in a variety of exciting forms.

"Sonic Signature" is an absolute rave monster of an opener with a growling bass and squelching 303 over precisely programmed breaks. "Gen4" takes a more subtle turn, pushing the dance floor onward with a sense of tension and urgency. Percussion echoes among moody strings while the 303 burbles along.

On the flip, "Tulips" opens - a rich cut with complex levels working together to stimulate the mind and body, with Almaty bringing her take on trance to satisfy both retro ravers and new ears. "Do You Actually" closes out the EP with an atmospheric, nearly beat-free sound where drifting synths and arpeggiated bass invoke 80s horror movie soundtracks. [info from label]
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