Decadance - ON AND ON



12" Vinyl NL

Mannequin / MNQ 055

Front View : Decadance - ON AND ON (FEARS KEEP ON) - Mannequin / MNQ 055
Back View : Decadance - ON AND ON (FEARS KEEP ON) - Mannequin / MNQ 055

Mannequin Records presents a new press of Decadance “On And On (Fears Keep On)”, one of the most iconic underground Italo-wave tracks ever.

Produced by Franco Rago & Gigi Farina, the masterminds behind cult italo disco projects ‘Lectric Workers, Wanexa, Expansives, Atelier Folie, Peter Richard and many more, the single was originally released in 1983 by Proto Records.

Permeated by a dark a eerie synths, a perfectly programmed Roland TR-808 and an outstanding analog production, "On and On (Fears Keep On)" belongs to what we like to define "dark italo disco" or "italo wave". Here's there's an extra touch of cosmic / interstellar feeling, sharing the same feelings (and the same synthetic hardware) of "Spacer Woman". Not a intergalactic travel this time, but the wait for somebody to come from the sky.

Do you know when the time is coming?
Dark light on the horizon
When the people they come
With the glowing eyes
Look down on me

The best year for Italo Disco music from a true Italo lover's standpoint is without a doubt 1983. The list is endless and really impressive. We could mention Gaznevada, N.O.I.A., Kano, Finzy Kontini, Gary Low, Gazebo, Righeira.. but let's keep the focus more in the "underground" hits: Mr. Flagio, Charlie, Casco, B.W.H., Roberto Onofri & Dee Jay Program Band, Amin Peck, Paul Paul, Fred Ventura, International Music System, Kirlian Camera, My Mine and, to cut the long story short, Decadance. [info from label]
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