Nino Sebelic - JUPITER EP

Nino Sebelic


12" Vinyl D

Pomelo / POM42

Front View : Nino Sebelic - JUPITER EP - Pomelo / POM42
Back View : Nino Sebelic - JUPITER EP - Pomelo / POM42

Electric Soul Style

Nino Šebelić, the Serbian producer coming from Belgrade, is a man who lives and breathes techno. On his premier Pomelo release, ‘Jupiter EP’, he channels true school Detroit electro, upgraded with his energetic and unique touch. The EP starts off with “This Is For My Hood”, a peak-time bass monster reminiscent of Aux88’s most intense productions. It’s followed up by “Church Of Tasmania”, a more stripped down affair that is destined to unfold its magic on the dance floor. On the flip side “Baltimore” explores the space between electro and techno, oscillating between moody synth workouts and pumping EBM patterns. “14357.977km” equals roughly the distance between Detroit and Belgrade and back, and for the eponymous track Šebelić appears to have indeed been visiting the D for its glorious chord pads and subaquatic moods. Lastly “Geto Brate” closes the EP with a no-holds-barred, straight to the point electro bass banger in best Electric Soul style. [info from Distribution]
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