Eva Geist


12" Vinyl NL

Hivern Discs / HVN051

Front View : Eva Geist - URBAN MONOGAMY - Hivern Discs / HVN051
Back View : Eva Geist - URBAN MONOGAMY - Hivern Discs / HVN051

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Eva Geist's music has the power to open doors. Her enchanting sounds are always an invitation to explore the most concealed nooks of our own perception. Therefore, it's not surprising to learn that, for her, music is often a way to answer some of her mental question marks. In the case of 'Urban Monogamy', this questioning refers to the diverse ways of understanding affective relationships in our time. She explains it in this way: "A sort of Pandora's box opened up, to offer me and pretty much everyone around me, a variety of relationship forms of all kind. Polyamory, open relationships, monogamy and whatsoever. It was very confused. I think this track represents that confused time." The feeling is perfectly conveyed through the track's restrained but steady groove. Eva's trademark occultist melodies and breathy lyrics that are both a celebration of freedom and an acceptance that, as emotionally complex creatures, we're destined t o be dazed forever when it comes to figure out our feelings for others. In their remix, Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold transform the mysterious charm of the track into a weapon of dance floor seduction by adding a no-frills motorik beat and beefing up it's sub-low frequencies. It's not surprising that the remix has already been played by the emperor of cosmic sleaze himself: DJ Harvey. On the flip, 'Green Healing Highness' opens another type of gates, in this case of consciousness. As Eva recalls, the track was written in just one night after an acid trip in France in which the plants in a garden had showed her "something pure and magic", helping her understand "what it means to be healing". Overall, it feels like a more radiant take in her sound, with its whimsical arpeggios and melodies adding a bucolic touch to the psychedelic journey. The 12" comes housed in a sleeve by Barcelona-based artist Alicia Carrera.

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