Draag - DETOX



12" Vinyl US

OMEN Recordings / OMEN004

Front View : Draag - DETOX - OMEN Recordings  / OMEN004
Back View : Draag - DETOX - OMEN Recordings  / OMEN004

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In our 4th EP release from OMEN Recordings, we bring you “DETOX”, written and produced by Russian artist, DRAAG, an amazing discovery with unique and astonishing style. To complement the release, we added remixes by our very own signature artists: Berlin-based, AYARCANA, and AXKAN from Los Angeles.

DRAAG begins the title track, Detox (A1), with hard 4X4 kicks, and glitchy, metallic snares that drive momentum and groove. Listen carefully and unsettling vocals and frightening screams begin to creep about, intermingling with a potent synth lead. By Mouth (A2) is cut from the same burial cloth, as it were – rich, dark melodies underlie powerful, kick-driven rhythms as a storm of noise washes through, punctuated by quick, attacking hats. Simultaneously sumptuous and unnerving. The digital format features a bonus original track entitled Acidosis, which sets out with steady kicks complemented by dark textures that enhance the main acid synth lead. The result is sure to make movement mandatory for any crowd.

AYARCANA’s merciless remix of Detox (B1) starts out ready to destroy all in its path – we predict this full-bodied track will become a new favorite of industrial techno fans in short order. AXKAN’s remix of Acidosis (B2) unapologetically declares dominance through heavy breakbeat kick patterns, icy screams, and a razor wire acid bass line that slices through the track, this EP draws you in.

OMEN once again pushes the boundaries of industrial techno with this EP. [info from label]
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