12" Vinyl BE

Token / Token84

Front View : Sigha - UNTITLED - Token / Token84
Back View : Sigha - UNTITLED - Token / Token84

After The Celebrated Metabolism LP From Last Year, Sigha Is Back With An Untitled 4-track Cut For Token84. After the celebrated Metabolism LP from last year, Sigha is back with a 4-track cut for TOKEN84. This untitled record remains understated, playing with variations on a theme whereby the similarities exist seemingly to illuminate the differences between the tracks. The relationship between Circular and Hum is reminiscent of Sigha s 2016 New Puritan flip on the earlier offering of Puritan from 2012, with Circular presenting a tight, meditative loop in high-mid frequencies while Hum inhabits a similar space, only seemingly from a distance. If those two are close, measured and controlled, the other tracks on the record demonstrate more freedom and abandon. Gliss is huge and heavy, while Flare s sonic elements interact playfully and scatter as the piece progresses.

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