Elad Magdasi - LIQUID DREAMS


12 Inch

Anagram / Anagram013

Front View : Elad Magdasi - LIQUID DREAMS - Anagram / Anagram013
Back View : Elad Magdasi - LIQUID DREAMS - Anagram / Anagram013

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Front Left Records Founder Elad Magdasi Is Next To Appear On Sinfols Anagram Label With Four Stirring Cuts Entitled Liquid Dreams This June. Originally Hailing From Tel Aviv, Magdasi Moved To Berlin In 2013 Where He Has Immersed Himself In The Scene Whilst Honing His Craft In The Studio. Primarily A Platform For His Own Productions, He Launched Front Left Records In 2015 And Later Debuted On Anagrams Phasing Faces Va In 2017 Alongside Anetha, D?vide And Sinfol. He Now Returns To The Label With A Four Track Release Of His Own. Liquid Dreams Opens The Release With A Mesmerizing Spoken Word Sample, Twinkling Melodies And Layered Atmospherics Whilst Sporadic Hats Rattle Throughout. Thudding Kicks, Escalating Synths And Quivering Bass Then Combine Together In Water Damage Before Moving Into The Mesmerizing Silver Lights, Which Conjures Up An Otherworldly Aesthetic Courtesy Of Arpeggiated Notes And Crashing Cymbals. Lastly, Never Let Go Exhibits A Cacophony Of Elements Such As Crystalline Chords And A Meandering Bassline That Generate A Heightening Suspense From Start To Finish.

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